KCC, one of the most popular professional basketball teams, is moving to Busan from Jeonju, where it has been related for 22 years. He said that the reason was the broken trust with the city of Jeonju.

KCC, which has been based in Jeonju since its founding by taking over Daejeon Hyundai Basketball Team in 2001, has produced many stars and has been loved by home fans for 22 years.스포츠토토

KCC passed through the KBL Board of Directors and announced the relocation of its hometown.

[Choi Hyung-gil/KCC Director: The new home is Busan. We are most apologetic to the fans of Jeonju who have supported us for the past 22 or 23 years.]

KCC cited Jeonju’s negligence and trust issues as the reasons.

KCC’s home stadium, Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, has been open for 50 years and is old enough to receive a C grade in safety inspection.

The city’s position is that it will be completed by 2026, but it is still unclear as the construction has not yet begun.

In the midst of this, the decision was made by the city of Jeonju to speed up the construction of a professional baseball 2nd team stadium, and to request that another building be built on the current Jeonju Gymnasium site, so that it be vacated until the new stadium is completed from 2025.

[Choi Hyung-gil/KCC Director: It got to the point where I couldn’t trust (Jeonju-si) anymore.]

When the fans protested, Jeonju City changed its words saying that the existing home stadium could be used until a new stadium was built, but KCC had already left its mind.

Upon the announcement of the relocation of the hometown, the city of Jeonju criticized KCC for mocking citizens and fans in search of immediate profits instead of waiting three years later.

As KCC moved to Busan, there were no professional basketball clubs related to Honam left.

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