As Korean fans gathered in front of the training ground to see Lee Kang-in (22), his team, Mallorca (Spanish La Liga), admired him토스카지노.

On the 17th (local time), Mallorca posted a video titled “Lee Kang-in mania” with an emoticon in the shape of the Korean flag on the club’s official Twitter account.

In the video, fans lined up in front of the training ground to see Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in signed the uniforms, hats, and national flags brought by fans, while taking pictures with him with a bright expression.

On this day, the Spanish media Estadio Deportivo reported, “The number of Korean fans in Mallorca who want to see Lee Kang-in is increasing.”

Meanwhile, Mallorca will play Almeria and La Liga away at the Power Halls Stadium in Almeria, Spain on the 21st (Korean time). Currently, Mallorca is in 12th place in La Liga with 44 points (12 wins, 8 draws, 14 losses).

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