Park Byeong-ho (37), the home run king of the KBO League, burns the final flame at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).메이저사이트

On the 20th (hereinafter Korean time), Park Byeong-ho started as the designated hitter in the practice game against the KIA Tigers held at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

On this day, Park Byeong-ho contributed to the team’s 12-6 victory by going 2 at bats, 1 hit, 2 RBIs and 1 walk. In the two practice games, Park Byeong-ho swung a hard hit with 3 hits and 2 RBIs in 5 at-bats.

After the match, Park Byeong-ho said, “I have an ankle issue, but there is no major problem. I am training normally. There is no problem with the feeling when batting and defending. I am progressing well.”

Park Byeong-ho suffered a ligament rupture in his right ankle in September last year and chose rehabilitation instead of surgery. Fortunately, he quickly recovered his condition and is training normally after joining the national team.

With Choi Ji-man removed from the national team, Park Byeong-ho is the only professional first baseman. In response, Park Byeong-ho said, “I’ve been preparing to defend first base ever since I was selected for the national team. I didn’t defend in these two games, but I think I’ll start from the next game. There’s no pressure. I don’t think there’ll be any problem playing defense as long as my physical condition is good.” showed confidence.

Recently, at the training ground, Park Byeong-ho digested bunt training. Training in preparation for an overtime game. Park Byeong-ho said, “I think it’s more likely that I hit a runner and advance to third base than send a runner to third base with a bunt. I haven’t done a lot of bunts. The last bunt was during my LG days.”

With Choi Ji-man’s failure to join, Park Byung-ho is highly likely to take on the role of the fourth hitter. He has a daunting task. Park Byeong-ho said, “I thought that the possibility of Choi Ji-man joining was 50-50, so I prepared my mind to some extent.

Park Byeong-ho had a batting average of 0.179 in the 2019 Premier 12, and was sluggish with no hits in 4 at-bats in the final against Japan. In the end, Korea lost 3-5 and stayed in the runner-up.

Park Byeong-ho did not forget his past pain. He dreams of a spectacular last dance at his last WBC. He expressed his determination, saying, “I have been criticized for my poor performance in international competitions, and I have regretted it every time. This year, my goal is to team up with players of the same age and do well so that I can return home without regrets.”

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