Bad news is overlapping with Tottenham. 

Britain’s ‘Express’ argued on the 31st (Korean time) that Tottenham may part ways with general manager Fabio Paratici, who has been banned from participating for 30 months worldwide, and that in this case, Tottenham is likely to sell four players. 

The International Football Federation (토토사이트FIFA) disciplinary committee found that Paratic was involved in charges of fraudulent accounting at Juventus before working at Tottenham. For this reason, Paratici was banned from playing in Italy for 30 months by the Italian Football Association. The problem is that at the request of the Italian association, FIFA has expanded the scope of the sanctions from Italy to the whole world. 

After parting ways with manager Antonio Conte on the 27th, Tottenham will spend the rest of the season as acting manager Christian Stellini. However, after joining in 2021, Conte was appointed, and even Paratici, the protagonist who joined Tottenham with Rodrigo Bentancur, Dejan Kulusevski, and Christian Romero, etc., will be in trouble if this discipline is confirmed. Because there is no need to have a general manager who can’t work for more than a year. 

If Tottenham part ways with general manager Paratici, it is likely that he will also send out the four people he recruited. In the case of Yves Bisuma, Jed Spence and Brian Hill, they did not perform well for Tottenham. Bissuma, taken from Brighton, did not live up to expectations and Spence was sent on loan to Stade Rennes. Hill is also currently wearing a Sevilla jersey. 

Kulusevski has been ranked as one of the best contracts Paratic has ever signed. However, in order to fully recruit Kulusevski as he was on loan from Juventus, he must qualify for the Champions League next season. It is known that this is included in the contract clause.

The media emphasized, “After parting ways with Conte, Tottenham must start a massive reinforcement, including the appointment of a manager this summer. However, there is no need to continue if Paratici is not helpful to the operation.

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