“I don’t want to make excuses that I couldn’t because I finished it.”

It was a rough start to the season. He failed to keep the lead situation from the first appearance of the season, and then committed a total of 3 blown saves until his resignation on the 12th. He was a temporary finishing pitcher, but he kept the mound firmly as a setup man until last year, but he could hardly overcome the crisis this season.

Still, in a situation where the role of the temporary finishing pitcher was not long left, he raised a save and predicted a rebound. LG right pitcher Lee Jung-yong (26) looked back on the cause of the struggle in the last game and pledged to defend the mound again with active pitching.

On the 15th, against Doosan Jamsil, Lee Jung-yong climbed the mound with 2 outs and 1st base in the top of the 9th inning. Ham Deok-joo faced Yang Eui-ji with Kim Jae-hwan getting a timely hit and the opponent chasing 1-3안전놀이터. A three-ball fastball thrown to Eui-ji Yang became a fly to the right field and saved. His first save of the season also led the team to book a three-game winning series over the weekend. In the game the previous day, the team climbed the mound in a situation where the team was greatly ahead, and this day, it completed its mission by taking the mound in a save situation.

The following is a Q&A between reporters and Lee Jung-yong after the match.

-In the previous game, he made his first save after a tough process.

I hope things go well in the future. He didn’t want to make excuses, but he had a strong desire to do well. I’m a pitcher who simply thinks and throws while doing my best with each ball, but I think I thought too much. I always studied and studied the other person, but that actually became my poison. As the number of thoughts increased, the concentration decreased and the results did not come out.

– Yesterday, you pitched in a situation where there was a big difference in score.

The director spoke first. He was also preparing for the ninth inning. Regardless of the score difference, throwing the ball itself is good, so I tried my best to throw each ball.

-While pitching yesterday and today, was there anything you liked about yourself?

I tried to empty my thoughts, and that seems to have happened. While looking at the force sign, I threw with the thought “OK, let’s throw it right away”. Previously, I looked at the catcher’s sign and thought a lot. I was in good condition, but the result was not good, so I was intimidated. Looking back, I think I felt a lot of pressure about the ending. He thought that he could become a more advanced player by solving this, but that thought also seemed to be a burden.

-Is there a player who gave you advice when you were worried about your sluggish performance?

(Lim) This is Chan Gyu-hyung. Chankyu-hyung was my roommate since camp, and he does a lot of research on baseball and reads a lot of books. Chan-gyu hyung said that what is difficult right now is mental rather than physical condition. He shared many good things to help me find peace of mind.

-How was it when you looked back at the moment you posted your save today? He had one out count, but he faced Will like he was a difficult hitter.

He focused on my ball rather than caring about the batter and the fight. He had a strong idea of ​​throwing it where I wanted without regret. If I throw it like this, I will have no regrets even if I hit a home run, so I threw each ball with this mindset and it seems that the results came out well.

– Next week, Go Woo-seok can come back. The role of temporary finishing touches will soon end.

I wish I had recorded more saves, but looking back now, I think I was greedy. I think it will be a little more comfortable in the future when Go Woo-seok comes next week. I realized that there was a pressure to finish that I didn’t even know existed. It is possible to get a hit that misses, but I was so shaken by that kind of thing. Still, I don’t want to make excuses that I couldn’t because I finished it.

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