“Since our skills and physical skills are several steps above us, I was free from the pressure of offense and defense after playing against such players.”먹튀검증

In preparation for the college basketball league, which is scheduled to open in mid-March, some universities are conducting overseas training that they have not been able to do due to the recent COVID-19. Konkuk University, Myongji University, Sungkyunkwan University, Chosun University, etc. Most of them choose nearby Japan, but Yonsei University left for the United States. Dankook University headed to Taiwan.

Yonsei University has spent winter in the United States since coach Eun Hee-seok.

Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok told us in detail when asked how the US field training was conducted ahead of the match against Changwon LG on the 10th.

He said, “When I was there, it was about 5 weeks. After making basic physical strength in Korea, I went to the US to do skill training, and put in a lot of weight training during the main training. Skill and weight training is conducted for about 3 weeks, and it is combined with team training. After that, I practiced rigorously. I would have played 11 or 12 games.

In order to see the effect of spending so much money, we thoroughly practiced against opponents who were better than us. I lost close to 30 points in the practice game. Yonsei University players should not stick together to die. Then the players feel the wall. I try again, but the result doesn’t change. Continue to collide with stronger opponents. It was a practice game to see such a learning effect.

The high school team also wants to play a practice game with us. But even with the high school team, I felt like I would lose. They said it was ranked #1 in Dallas, Texas. When I was coaching in the United States, a player I had a relationship with became a coach at that school. I asked him to try (practice game) once because he was really good, but he didn’t. I’m afraid I’ll lose (laughs).”

Lee Jung-hyeon (Carrot), who is in his second season on the professional stage, has been to the US training camp twice with coach Eun Hee-seok.

Lee Jung-hyun, whom we met ahead of the match against LG on the 17th, mentioned the training camp in the U.S. “If you go through physical training, you will receive skill training for a long time, and practice matches. Skill training and practice matches seem to be very helpful,” he recalled, “playing with players who are good at physical or basketball and matching our team’s organizational skills.”

When asked what kind of positive effect there was after going to the US field training, Lee Jung-hyun said, “Since their skills and physical skills are several steps above us, I was free from the pressure of air defense because I came to Korea after playing with those players. It seems to be a good experience to experience advanced basketball and watch college basketball or NBA games.” If you just go up, you will be blocked, so I tried a lot of plotters and Eurosteps in the US. So, it came out naturally in Korea. As I get blocked several times, I realize that I shouldn’t put it like this,” he explained.

Yonsei University, which left for the US on the 25th of last month, plans to return to Korea on the 18th.

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