Boss Lee Seung-hyun, the tiger, visited his alma mater, Korea University.

On the 9th, the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match between Korea University and Sungkyunkwan University was held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium.

Many players from Korea University showed up at the Hwajeong Gymnasium that day to encourage the juniors. Among them was KCC’s boss Lee Seung-hyun, the tiger. Lee Seung-hyun, who is having an off-season, is getting married on May 20th.

Lee Seung-hyun said, “I’m busy preparing for my wedding on the 20th. It doesn’t feel real yet. I want to have a wedding soon and go on a honeymoon. I decided to go to Mauritius, a resort for my honeymoon.”

Lee Seung-hyun suffered an ankle injury during the playoffs. Fortunately, he says there are no major problems with his physical condition.

Lee Seung-hyun said, “I’m recovering well. I don’t have any particular pain right now, so I’m resting well and taking good care of my body스포츠토토.”

After the end of last season, Lee Seung-hyun received a lot of attention as one of the biggest FA players. Among the players who visited Korea University with Lee Seung-hyun that day, there were many players who obtained FA qualifications, such as Moon Seong-gon, Lee Jong-hyun, and Choi Seong-won. He asked what kind of advice he would like to leave to him as an experienced free agent.

Lee Seung-hyun explained, “It’s good to go to the team that suits you best. Of course, as a player, I understand the desire to earn a lot of money, but I think it’s best to go to a team where you can play well and show your style.”

Regarding the change from being a free agent to watching the game now, he replied, “It’s really fun. (Laughs) There are a lot of free agent players next to me now. I think I’ll enjoy it.”

Lee Seung-hyun, who led the golden age as a captain during his time at Korea University. Lee Seung-hyun, who has a deep affection for his school, continues to visit Korea University after graduation.

Lee Seung-hyun expressed his gratitude, “It’s a school where I shared all the joys of my early 20s. I enjoyed everything I could enjoy, and I was able to play well thanks to the support of many people. It’s like my hometown to me.” 

Korea University, which boasted the best power even when Seung-Hyun Lee was a student, has recently been leading the college league and reigning as a strong player. Lee Seung-hyun gave high praise to his seniors Moon Jeong-hyun and Park Moo-bin.

Lee Seung-hyun did not hold back his praise, saying, “I knew from the beginning that (Moon) Jung-hyun and (Park) Moo-bin were good.

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