Allegations that the perpetrators of a gang rape of a female middle school student with intellectual disabilities more than a decade ago are now working as elementary school teachers메이저사이트, firefighters, and other public servants have spread across various online communities and are drawing attention.

On Nov. 21, an online community posted a post titled, “Crazy thing happened, gang rapists of minors with intellectual disabilities became elementary school teachers and firefighters. The poster identified himself as “an acquaintance of the perpetrator of the ‘Daejeon gang rape of middle school girls with intellectual disabilities’ that made headlines in South Korea 12 years ago”.

“Even though the 16 perpetrators sexually assaulted a disabled person, they were given juvenile protection because they were young, because they were good at studying, and because they agreed with the victim’s father, even though the victim wanted a strong punishment,” he wrote.

“Legally, no penalties can be imposed on a person who has been placed in juvenile protection, it is not a criminal record, and it cannot be disclosed,” he continued, claiming that “the perpetrators have been accepted to prestigious universities and are living well, and some of them are working in the public service, such as elementary school teachers and firefighters, and have completely laundered their identities.”

“I understand the idea that criminals need to be rehabilitated and that young students should be given a chance to rehabilitate, but at the very least, I don’t think a rapist who gang-raped 16 minors with disabilities should be an elementary school teacher or a firefighter,” she said. “Just as the rapist has the right to rehabilitate, my child has the right not to be educated by a rapist.”

“I was silent when they were admitted to a prestigious university with a certificate and the title of service king, even though they were rapists because they were rich, but I cannot stand the threat of rapists becoming firefighters and elementary school teachers and my children being educated by them,” she said. “Please protect the right of rapist teachers and rapist firefighters to be educated and not rescued,” she appealed.

In response to the revelations, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education said on the 22nd that it was looking into the facts. However, even if the allegations are confirmed, it is unclear what action the agency can take. The teacher’s offense occurred before she was hired, and legally, any punishment is already over. An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education said, “We will closely examine the facts and proceed with due process.”

Previously, 16 male high school students in Daejeon sexually assaulted a middle school girl with intellectual disabilities whom they met through chat in 2010. They were accused of sexually assaulting the victim several times over the course of a month while watching each other from the roof of a building, showing off their power and forcing themselves on her.

However, at the time, the police investigated the case on the grounds that the victim did not actively resist. The court, on the grounds that the perpetrators were remorseful and that the victim’s family had settled with the perpetrators and did not want to be punished, sentenced all the defendants to juvenile law protection (one year of probation and 40 hours of correctional education).

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