LG’s national shortstop Oh Ji-hwan is about to return. He will play in the Futures League on the 21st and join the first team on the 22nd at the earliest카지노사이트.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop met with reporters before the game with Jamsil NC on the 20th and said, “I will not start right away, but I will start with one at-bat or two at-bats.” Oh Ji-hwan felt discomfort in his side during his batting training ahead of the match against Doosan on the 7th. He was diagnosed with a microscopic injury to the oblique muscle.

Regarding Oh Ji-hwan’s quicker return than expected, coach Yeom said, “I have a strong desire to play,” and added, “The muscles themselves are soft. He was born with such a body. So, isn’t he recovering quickly from any injury?” Manager Yeom praised Oh Ji-hwan, saying, “If he takes good care of his body, he can play as a shortstop until he is 40.”

When Oh Ji-hwan returns, Kim Min-seong, who has played 200% of his role, will take a break. Director Yeom said, “Minseong needs to rest a bit. He is about to pass out of breath.” Director Yeom said, “The day after tomorrow is the time when (fatigue) will really come to the end of the neck, but Ji-hwan is coming.”

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