In baseball, there is a term called table setter. It is a term used to call hitters number 1 and 2 who are on the offensive lineup mission. The team becomes stronger only when the table setter who plays the leading role in the attack is strong.

No matter how strong the center hitter is, the batter who entered the plate before him should get on base so that the fear of the center hitter can approach as a burden on the opponent’s battery. If there are no runners on base, the opposing pitcher will throw his ball without feeling too much pressure.

So, the on-base percentage of the table setter who sets the table is very closely related to team victory.

As of the 15th, the team with the most points (187 points) and RBIs (178 RBIs) in the league is the LG Twins. The team’s on-base percentage is also 0.378, which leads the league, and the team’s scoring zone batting average is 0.318, which is first.

Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo are playing as table setters 1 and 2 for LG. Hong Chang-ki is the league’s representative on-base king, and his on-base percentage of over 40% does not come as a surprise. He won the on-base percentage king with an on-base percentage of 0.456 in the last 2021 season, and boasts an amazing on-base percentage of 0.440 this season as well. He is a player who holds a staggering record of 0.421 average on-base percentage for 7 seasons in his career.

However, Seong-Joo Moon is recording an on-base percentage as amazing as Chang-Ki Hong this season. Moon Seong-joo played as the second batter in all 32 games this season, recording an on-base percentage of 0.432. While Hong Chang-gi settled in the batting order in the 1st, 8th, and 9th batting order, Sung-joo Moon steadily entered the plate as the second batter.

When coach Yeom Kyung-yeop made 메이저놀이터the starting lineup, the first column to write his name was the second batter, Moon Seong-ju. That’s how strong the faith in Moon Seong-ju is.

Moon Seong-joo is building the best LG table setter in the league with Hong Chang-ki with a batting average of 0.339 (5th), 42 hits (6th), 21 walks (4th), on-base percentage of 0.432 (2nd), wRC+ 173.3 (4th). But he also has one weakness. It’s just that the accuracy of the bunt is falling.

The table setter must have excellent operational skills. So the accuracy of the bunt is important. However, Moon Seong-joo’s bunt success rate this season is 0%. He missed both bunts. Poor bunt accuracy is not just a problem this season. Last season, there were 4 missed bunts out of 12. A failed bunt isn’t just a matter of one outcount going up. The sacrifice bunt is a strategy usually attempted in a close game, and if it fails, the attack flow is cut off and it is like pouring cold water on the team atmosphere. So the accuracy of the bunt is very important.

Currently, Sung-Joo Moon’s ability to hit and select balls is at the top of the league. But he is well aware that bunts are weak. So when it’s training time, he’s the first to go on the ground and do bunt drills. Moon Sung-joo trains for a long time under the guidance of coach Park Yong-geun.

As the bunt training continued, coach Park Yong-geun began to praise him, and Moon Seong-ju seemed to have realized something, and actively asked questions and made various attempts. In this way, Moon Seong-joo is working hard to improve the accuracy of his bunt, which is his weakness.

It is Moon Seong-ju who will come with a more powerful figure in the future.

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