“I don’t think it will be easy”

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation continued to maintain first place in the regular league right after the opening of the 2022-2023 season. And in the championship match, they defeated Seoul SK after a 7-game overtime match. It was the second overall championship and the fourth playoff championship.

However, the joy of winning that KGC Ginseng Corporation enjoyed disappeared more quickly. This is because key players such as Oh Se-geun 안전놀이터(200cm, C), Moon Seong-gon (195cm, F), and Bae Byung-jun (189cm, G) were released as free agents (FA).

KGC Ginseng Corporation announced the contract with Bae Byung-jun through a press release on the afternoon of the 15th, saying, “We have renewed the contract with Bae Byung-joon on the condition of a total compensation of 200 million won for 2023-2024 over a three-year contract period.” relieved some of the burden. And I don’t think the possibility of Oh Se-geun’s transfer is that high.

If so, Moon Seong-gon can act as a variable in the KGC Ginseng Corporation FA contract. A resource that won the KBL Best Defensive Player Award for 4 consecutive seasons from the 2019-2020 season to the 2022-2023 season. This is the highest record in KBL history.

He showed his defensive ability in this championship match. SK’s main scorer, Kim Seon-hyung (187cm, G), was followed relentlessly. Kim Seon-hyung’s strength was drained as much as possible. Since he is a player who plays a necessary role for the team, all clubs can keep an eye on Moon Seong-gon. Such Moon Seong-gon appeared in the air conditioning league for the first time after his debut.

An official from KGC Ginseng Corporation said, “I know that (Moon) Seong-gon is hot in the market. Because he is a popular player and his performance is also great. Also, he heard from Seonggon that he ‘contacted KT-SK and others’. KT and SK officials also told me that I met Seong-gon.”

A KGC Ginseng Corporation official who knows the situation of Moon Seong-gon said, “I saw Seong-gon at (Bae) Byung-jun’s wedding hall, and I also called him directly. He was going to meet on the 15th, but he said he went to Busan on the 14th. He is known to be up to the 19th. He said he wanted some personal time. Since it is the first free agency, I think there will be a lot of worries,” he said, understanding Moon Seong-gon’s situation.

(However, Moon Seong-gon’s words were slightly different. As a result of the reporter’s additional coverage, “Immediately after the FA briefing, I first started negotiating with KGC Ginseng Corporation. I also informed the secretariat of my Busan travel schedule. ” was Moon Seong-gon’s words)

However, “there is already a story in the market that ‘Moon Seong-gon’s thoughts leaned in one direction’. Looking at such situations, I also think that it will not be easy. I am still not sure what will happen,” he said, thinking about the many variables of ‘Moon Seong-gon Remains’.

Both SK and KT mentioned above have FA-related variables. This is because SK has Choi Joon-yong (200cm, F), KBL’s best all-rounder player, and KT has Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F), a forward with great potential.

Of course, both players can remain on their respective teams. However, on the other hand, it is possible that neither of them will stay with their original club. If that happens, both SK and KT will have to think of alternate resources for the two forwards. Any team needs a player like Dega Moon Seong-gon who thinks of the dirty first. Although it is unknown how desperate SK and KT are, the contact between the two teams and Moon Seong-gon itself can affect the market.

KGC Ginseng Corporation also thought of that. At the same time, he also understood Moon Seong-gon’s concerns. Because I understood the complex factors, I was even more unsure of Moon Seong-gon’s stay. So he left a story that said, “It won’t be easy.”

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