It is truly a magical change. AS Roma is looking to advance to the UCL for the first time in five years.

Roma won 1-0 against Verona in the 2022-23 Serie A 23R held at Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy on the morning of the 20th (Korean time).메이저사이트

Both teams selected 3-4-2-1 as their starting formation, showing intentions to narrow down from the flanks to the center, with Roma leading the first half and Verona leading the second half.

The difference between the two teams was the detailed tactics.

In extra time in the first half, Roma decided the game with Ola Solbakken’s winning goal, believing Bob-Cristante-Spanichola’s promised pass play and running between the defenses.

In particular, as if he knew that Spinazzola would pass the ball to him with an accurate pass, Solbakken started a sprint before Spinachola, who had his back against the opponent’s defense, even received the ball. Spinazzola delivered an accurate back-short pass between the legs of the opposing defender and led to the winning goal.

On the other hand, Verona lacked detailed tactics in the field play situation. The player who would clearly attempt a shot in front of the goal was not decided, and the players hesitated and missed a decisive opportunity.

AS Roma, who won with a difference in detailed tactics, regained the 3rd place (44 points) that had been lost to AC Milan. At this rate, the possibility of reaching the Champions League qualifier (within 4th place in the league), which has not been climbed since 3rd place in the league in the 2017-18 season, has increased.

18th place (17 points) Verona, which showed a terrible momentum recently, failed with a gap of only one game in its 5 match unbeaten run. Verona got 2 wins and 2 draws in the 4 matches before the match against Roma.

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