eju United coach Nam Ki-il and Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo, who have been called ‘soul mates’ for 5 years as head coach and head coach, 메이저사이트 are showing good teamwork in recruiting and transferring players.

Manager Nam and manager Lee joined hands at Gwangju FC in 2016. Lee, who became the head coach of Nam Ki-il’s division, continued to work with Nam even after Nam took over as Jeju manager in 2019 after passing through Seongnam FC. In the process, Seongnam and Jeju were promoted to the first division.

Coach Lee, who took office as the commanding tower of Gwangju FC last year, led the team to the second division championship and was promoted to the first division, and was able to play the K-League 1 stage with coach Nam.

The two coaches, who will compete together in the K-League, are showing off their breath in the transfer market, drawing attention. Jeju and Gwangju are exchanging players to make up for each other’s shortcomings.

It was Gwangju who gave up the player first. Hays, who played in Gwangju for two years from 2021 and led the promotion to the first division, moved to Jeju. Hayes, a side striker with excellent speed and space penetration, left Gwangju and moved to Jeju.

Hayes made an impressive performance in 2021, scoring 4 goals and 5 assists in 30 appearances, including the FA Cup. In the 2022 season, he participated in 39 matches, including the FA Cup, and scored 12 goals and 4 assists, leading Gwangju’s promotion to the top division.

As coach Nam, he had to fill the void left by Ju Min-gyu and Zerso, who accounted for half of Jeju’s total points last season, and in the process, Lee made the decision to hand over Hayes.

Manager Lee, who gave up Hayes, the team’s top scorer and attacking nucleus last season, received a series of defenders from Jeju instead.

Kim Kyung-jae, who played as a central defender in Jeju, moved to Gwangju on the 15th. Then, on the 16th, he moved side defender Kim Dong-guk to Gwangju.

Kim Kyung-jae is a central defender with excellent interpersonal defense, tackle, and build-up. He can play as a defensive midfielder and fullback. Kim Kyung-jae earned the nickname ‘control tower’ for his seasoned defensive reading and stable game management.

Kim Dong-guk, from Gangwon Hongcheon FC U-18, won the 2021 Higher Soccer League Gangwon Region Outstanding Player Award and made his name known by playing an active role as the core of the team in various national competitions. Kim Dong-guk’s strengths are left-footed kicks and active play. Kim Dong-guk can play side attacks, side defenses, and center backs.

Coach Lee declared that he would play offensive soccer in the first division as in the second division, but it is interpreted that he needed to reinforce defensive resources to block the first division strikers with a higher level.

As coach Nam and coach Lee show off their chemistry even before the start of the season, attention is focusing on which one will achieve better results this season.

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