Brazilian superstar Neymar (30, Paris Saint-Germain) was world-class in personality and speech as well as his soccer skills. In a situation where he was so sad that he considered retiring from the national team, he sincerely comforted a younger junior than himself.

On the 13th (Korean time), a number of media outlets, including British Sports Bible and Talk Sports, said, “After Neymar was eliminated from the World Cup, he published a conversation he had with his Brazilian teammates on his social media (without consulting with his teammates). I wanted to let people know how much they wanted to win and were united.”

Brazil failed to challenge for the championship after losing 4-2 in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in regular time in the quarterfinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Croatia on the 10th. While all four Croatian kickers succeeded, Brazil split the game as first kicker Rodrygo (21, Real Madrid) and fourth kicker Marquinhos (28, Paris Saint-Germain) missed.

While messages with various players such as Marquinhos and Tiago Silva were released, text messages with junior Rodrygo drew attention. Rodrygo is a Brazilian star who plays for Real Madrid, which is called the world’s most prestigious club even at a young age. He is also a player who is attracting attention as the second Neymar, especially as a winger with splendid foot skills and quick feet.

Neymar started the conversation by saying, “Rodrigo, I want to tell you that you are already a star. I am so honored that you will remain a historic player in Brazil (through this World Cup) and that you call me an idol.” “Not everyone misses a penalty kick (PK). Only the kicker can miss a penalty kick. I’ve missed a lot of penalty kicks and learned a lot. But I never gave up and always tried to get better. “, soothed the broken-hearted junior who missed the penalty kick.

The encouragement continued. Neymar said: “I like you not only as a player but also because you are a kind and good kid. I really hope you work hard. Critics will make you stronger. Remember when I said to you once, ‘Rodrigo, you will bring Brazil the World Cup trophy’? I wish you success. If you need me, tell me. I will always be here and with you.” 메이저놀이터

In response, Rodrygo replied, “I sincerely thank you, my idol. I am sorry that I did my wrong and delayed your dreams. I hope you will be able to join us in the national team.”

The serious atmosphere was warmly finished with a joke. Neymar said, “Don’t say you’re sorry. Are you crazy? Only those who fail can go one step further. Rodrygo, you’re a crack. But if you need it, I can teach you a penalty kick.”

The person who hurt the most was probably Neymar. He was preparing to be the 5th kicker in the penalty shootout, but he didn’t even get a chance because of his teammates’ misses. After the defeat was decided, Neymar was caught crying profusely for over 10 minutes, which made the fans sad. However, he was a true superstar who put the wounds of his colleagues ahead of his own pain and regret.

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