The Doosan Bears are on a two-game losing streak after 11 consecutive wins. Bad news is following the Beast side.온라인카지노

While Su-bin Su suffered from a finger injury and Jae-hwan Kim suffered from a cold, outsider Jose Rojas also missed the game due to back pain.

Lohas started as right fielder 3 times in the 8th game of the season against LG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 28th.

Only against LG, until this day, had no hits in 10 at-bats. He didn’t even get on base, including 4 pitches.

Is that why? As if he came in with a lot of pressure, he swung the ball with all his might from LG starter Kelly in the first inning with one company and first base. A straight hit that hit the center, but was sucked into the second baseman’s glove, which was biased toward second base. During this blow, I felt a slight pain in my lower back.

Rojas was replaced by Hong Seong-ho in the second at-bat after two outs at the bottom of the third inning, trailing 1-5.

Doosan explained, “After the hit, I felt micro pain in my back, so I replaced it to protect the player.” Hong Seong-ho was placed in right field after hitting and continued the game.

As a result, Lohas continued his streak of 11 at-bats and 11 at-bats against LG.

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