Barkley continues to criticize Durant.먹튀검증

Charles Barkley, who is active as a commentator on ‘TNT’, appeared on ‘First Take’ on the 28th (Korean time) and talked about Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns. 

Kevin Durant is considered one of the greatest NBA players of all time. Durant, who is averaging 27.3 points for his career, has been consistently league-leading in performance.

There is a person who is constantly criticizing Durant. It is Charles Barkley, a former NBA legend and currently active as a commentator. 

The tone of Barkley’s constant sniping at Durant is similar. Even though Durant has the best skills, he lacks the ability to lead a team on his own. Barkley continued to criticize Durant intensely, calling him a ‘bus rider’ and a ‘failure who failed to succeed as a leader’.

The two victories of Durant’s career were both at Golden State. Golden State was the team that set the record for the most wins in the regular season even in the season immediately before Durant joined. In addition to Durant, there were many outstanding players such as Stephen Curry. At the time, Golden State, which had already won one championship, had a strong sense of a well-rounded team.

Durant, on the other hand, has never won a championship outside of Golden State. In Brooklyn, he made the Big 3 with James Harden and Kyrie Irving, but failed to win the title. Dissatisfied with Brooklyn, Durant was criticized last summer for requesting a trade to strong teams such as Miami and Phoenix with four years left on his contract. 

Barkley this time talked about Durant, citing the examples of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

“Kevin Durant would be mad if I pointed this out, but looking back at LeBron James, he said he had to win without Dwyane Wade to be respected by old fans. Kobe Bryant said he had to win without Shaquille O’Neal to get off the tag,” Barkley said. “I think of Durant by the same standards as LeBron and Kobe. He’s a great player, but to be compared to other players, he has to win the Finals as the best player and leader of the team.” 

He went on to point out, “He hasn’t been successful with any team other than Golden State. And that’s what I want him to be. To be on the same level as LeBron and Kobe, he’s going to have to be the best player and leader.”

Fans have mixed reactions to Barkley’s comments. While there are strong supportive eyes, there are many who criticize, saying, “Does Barkley, who joined a strong team without winning during his active career, deserve to say such a thing?” 

Durant, who was angry at calling himself a ‘bus rider’ and had a war of words with Barkley, also left a comment on this remark. Durant posted a video of Barkley’s remarks to his social media account and added, “I don’t remember seeing LeBron James say anything like that about winning. If you have that article, please let me know.”

Unfortunately, Durant has a new dream of winning in Phoenix, where Barkley was active as a star during his active career.

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