Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels tried to break the record for the first time since 1888 that a pitcher and hitter cycle hit, but unfortunately failed.

In the match against Oakland, he hit a home run and pitched the worst with 5 runs in 6 innings, but a cartoon-like story unfolds where batter Ohtani helps pitcher Ohtani.

Following an infield hit in the first at-bat, he went through the shortstop in the second at-bat and raised an RBI with a double in the middle left토토사이트.

A big bat hit in the 6th inning! After entering the glove, the ball came out again, followed by a single hit, a double hit, and then a triple hit! success.

Now, just hitting a home run is a cycling hit.

Ohtani’s full swing followed by a tremendous batted ball that flew all the way to the fence! But it gets caught in front of the fence.

Unfortunately, since 1888, the pitcher’s cycling hit record has not been set, but thanks to Ohtani, the pitcher became a winning pitcher.

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