Termite sightings have been reported in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and also in Asan, South Chungcheong Province. However, unlike Nonhyeon-dong, termites in Asan are presumed to be non-native species.

If you look at the insect gallery of the online community site DC Inside on the 20th, dozens of posts are posted every day asking you to take pictures of insects found at home to determine if they are termites. Among them, a photo posted on the 18th토토사이트 attracted attention with the message, “I see insects presumed to be termites in a store run by Asan.”

The author of this article said, “Last February, I signed a contract with a store decorated with wood in Asan. It started operating in March, but in mid-April, I saw something flying and thought, ‘Is it a rice moth?’, but it was a termite. They are suffering.” Larvae dripped from the back of the frame. The trees were also empty,” he wrote.

In the six photos uploaded by the author, about 100 termites were captured riding on the walls and floors. The termites previously spotted in Gangnam are an alien species belonging to the dry wood termite family Cryptotalmis. Asan termites are known to be distributed in Korea.

Pusan ​​National University professor Park Hyeon-cheol, an expert on termites, told Yonhap News, “It appears to be a species widely distributed in Korea. However, domestic species can also cause structural problems by damaging wooden houses,” he said.

Termite sightings in Nonhyeon-dong were also posted in this community early in the morning. “It was seen indoors with a child’s fever. Please determine if it is a termite” was posted along with a picture of an insect. In this community, which shares various information related to insects, the opinion that “it looks like a king ant” gained strength.

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