Alex Ferreira, who lost his middleweight title to Adesanya by knockout in over five months, moves up to light heavyweight.

On the 14th, Ferreira said on his YouTube channel, “The next fight will be light heavyweight. I planned to go up one day, but the time was accelerated because I lost. I think it’s a natural thing,” he said.

Ferreira (MMA 7-2, UFC 4-1) lost twice via KO to former champion Adesanya (23-2 MMA, 12-2 UFC) at UFC 287 in Miami on the 9th.

Pereira was properly caught by Adesanya’s light in the second inning, but not to the point of collapsing. However, he was unable to stand up after being knocked down.

The reason he was out so simply was because, as former light heavyweight champion and coach Glover Teixeira pointed out토토사이트, he struggled to lose weight.

When he was active in ‘Glory’, he played in the light heavyweight division and even became a champion. During that time, he had failed at the weigh-in and appeared at the weigh-in for this match in a slim figure, and it seemed that he had suffered quite a bit with weight loss.

It was a title fight, so after a tough struggle, I got my weight right, but I wasn’t in a state where I could show my condition, and even though I had an advantageous fight in the first round, my stamina dropped sharply in the second round, and I was crowded.

UFC stars Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo are claiming a third MMA fight between the two, and Ferreira believes he can fight Adesanya again if he wants to fight, but the top of the light heavyweight division is a new challenge.

“I can’t say who’s next yet. But it’s time to move up to the next division and everyone on our team said it was a good choice. Light heavyweight is a better weight class for me.”

Pereira was a champion in the middleweight and light heavyweight two-weight divisions during Glory, and the current goal is to become the UFC two-weight division champion.

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