The V-League Women’s Division in the 2022-2023 season is showing an all-time polarization phenomenon.

The lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank has not won a single win since the start of this season. On the 14th, he lost to the KGC Ginseng Corporation held in Gwangju and recorded his 14th consecutive loss. The most consecutive losses in the V-League women’s division are Ginseng Corporation’s 20 consecutive losses in the 2012-2013 season, but Pepper Savings Bank is the first team to lose all 14 games without winning even one win from the opening game.

Because it is still relatively the weakest power. The player composition of Pepper Savings Bank, which was founded last season, is significantly lower than that of the other six teams. A person from the volleyball world said, “To be honest, most of the key players currently playing for Pepper Savings Bank are bench members who are difficult to play for the rest of the team.” It is one of the reasons why it is struggling,” he explained. 메이저사이트

The place to lean on is Nia Kai Reed, the first pick in the foreign draft this season. But Reid isn’t showing up to his expectations. Until the 14th, Reed’s attack success rate was 34.72%, ranking 11th in this category. On the 14th, Reed had a 31.71% success rate for the Ginseng Corporation attack, a lower success rate than Lee Han-bi (43.48%).

Pepper Savings Bank won 11 sets in 14 games, although there is no victory this season. On the 6th of last month, KGC Ginseng Corporation and the home game led to a full set and earned 1 point. We need to focus more and hurry up to add 1 win.

On the other hand, the leader is dominating. 1st place team Hyundai E&C has won all 12 games since the opening. There has been one team that has won 12 consecutive wins without losing once since the opening. It was Hyundai E&C last season. Hyundai E&C, which ran until the opening of last season with 12 consecutive wins, ran another 15 consecutive wins during the following season, setting the record for the most consecutive wins in the V-League women’s division.

Hyundai E&C did not easily win all 12 games this season. There were 4 full set matches. The concentration of the players based on the confidence of the top team last season is analyzed as the driving force behind the winning streak.

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