Starting with the 23S/S season, IM Tam Co., Ltd. (Chairman Shin Jae-ho) announced that it will officially launch ‘BOSS GOLF’, the first premium golf wear in Korea, on the 17th. It is like revealing the first season of Boss Golf, designed, planned and produced by IM Tam Co., Ltd., 토토사이트 an Asian license partner of HUGO BOSS, which leads the global premium market.

In recent years, the MZ generation has brought new momentum to the domestic golf market, and Boss Golf plans to introduce younger and more trendy premium golf wear targeting them. Boss’ three signature colors of camel, white, and black and three-color iconic stripes were used as the main focus to complete a refined and luxurious mood golf wear look. Boss Golf proposes hybrid concept apparel and accessories that can be used in everyday life for men and women. In terms of style, women’s cropped tops and high-waisted bottoms have a trendy fit, while men’s cargo and jogger styles have a loose fit that sets them apart from existing golf wear.

Boss Golf announced in a press release that it signed a license earlier that it plans to expand its territory not only in Korea but also throughout Asia, including Japan and China, within the next five years through IM Tam Co., Ltd.

Meanwhile, Boss Golf’s distribution network opened its first store at the Shinsegae Department Store’s Gangnam branch, which is scheduled to reopen on February 17, at a high-end golf specialty store, and later confirmed the opening at the Hyundai Department Store’s main store on February 27. Then, from early March, Shinsegae Department Store opened in Daejeon, Centum City, and The Hyundai Seoul, and plans to sequentially open about 10 stores in major department stores nationwide within the year.

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