President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized ‘expansion of freedom from hunger and disease’ at an enlarged meeting of seven major countries ( G7 ) on the 20th. President Yoon announced that he would participate in the climate club led by seven major countries.

President Yoon attended the expanded session of the G7 summit held in Hiroshima, Japan that day and said, “We will strengthen short- and long-term aid to countries in crisis,” a senior official in the presidential office met with reporters. The framework is to double the aid to countries in crisis through the World Food Program ( WFP ) from the current 50,000 tons to 100,000 tons annually. President Yoon promised, “We will expand and develop the ASEAN+3 (Korea, China, and Japan) Emergency Rice Festival ( APTERR ) as a short-term aid for food crises .”

As a long-term measure, Korea plans to expand the project to build a ‘K Rice Belt’ (Korean-style rice production belt) centering on Africa. The K Rice Belt construction project is to provide seed cultivation technology that can increase food self-sufficiency. In the field of health, President Yoon said, “Coalition for Infectious Disease Innovation ( CEPI)

, an international public and private organization that supports vaccine treatment development research), we will donate $24 million.” Previously, the government had promised to donate $3 million annually for three years from 2020, but the size of the donation was further expanded.

At the meeting, President Yoon said, “Because of the global complex crisis, developing and poor countries are experiencing relatively greater pain and difficulties.” Korea will contribute responsibly.”

In session 2 of the enlarged meeting, discussions related to climate and green technology were exchanged. President Yoon said at the meeting, “I will participate in the Climate Club, which is led by seven major countries, to actively promote a carbon neutral policy to respond to the global decarbonization transition and to participate in efforts to foster new low-carbon industries.”

Choi Sang-mok, senior presidential secretary for economic affairs, met with reporters on the same day and said, “As discussions on fostering new low-carbon먹튀검증 industries, formation of eco-friendly product markets, and international standardization in the industrial sector are expected to begin in earnest, the government actively participates in discussions at the Climate Club and promotes the development of our industry. We will strengthen our response capabilities while supporting the creation of new business opportunities.”

President Yoon said, “Share innovative green technologies with the international community and provide relevant official development assistance ( ODA) .) will continue to expand.” Chief Choi said, “According to the Climate Change Convention, we are included in the group of developing countries that have no historical responsibility for global warming since the Industrial Revolution and have no obligation to donate to the Green Climate Fund. It is also actively working on the recently discussed second round of financial supplementation. The government will cooperate with the international community to ensure that the second round of financial supplementation is expanded to more than 10 billion dollars, which is the size of the first round of financial supplementation, so that the Green Climate Fund can actually contribute to green growth in developing countries,” he added. On the other hand, the President’s Office announced ‘ agriculture and food ‘ , ‘bio and health ‘ , and ‘ climate ‘

as the economic achievements announced by President Yoon at the summit of seven major countries. ) and green technology . Chief Choi emphasized, “As a global pivotal country, we have made it clear that we will cooperate with seven major countries to support vulnerable and developing countries.” Regarding the achievements of the bilateral talks, Chief Choi explained, “First, we started the Indo-Pacific economic diplomacy in earnest, and second, we systematized cooperation among key mineral groups.”

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