UWC Atlantic College in the U.K., known as the “school of royalty and aristocracy,” was recently bustling with visits from European royalty. Parents have been flocking to congratulate their princesses on their graduation.

On April 22, the New York Times (NYT) reported on the graduation ceremony of Princess Alexia (17), the second daughter of Dutch King Willem-Alexander, and Princess Leonor (17), the eldest daughter of Spanish King Felipe VI, at UWC Atlantic College on April 20.

King Felipe VI of Spain, Princess Leonor, Princess Sofia and Queen Letizia (from left). [Image source: EPAYouth.com]

According to reports, the princesses looked like any other high school students, posing next to their parents and taking selfies. They were preceded by Princess Elizabeth of Belgium, who graduated from the school in 2021, and Princess Leonor’s younger sister, Princess Sofia, who will enter the same school this September.

Housed in the 12th-century St. Donna Castle, UWC Atlantic College is a boarding school favored by royalty, millionaires, and intellectuals from around the world토토사이트. The school was founded in 1962 by German educator Kurt Hahn, whose vision was to educate students to understand the different cultures, religions, and values of the world through school life.

The school is also known as the “Hogwarts of hippies” due to its location in a castle and its progressive and radical educational policies. Hogwarts is the wizarding school attended by the main characters of the Harry Potter novels.

Princess Leonor, the first daughter of Spain’s King Felipe VI. [Image source=EPA Yonhap].

Tuition is modest, totaling $82,000 for two years, but many students receive financial aid, with some receiving full scholarships, the NYT explained.

The school’s website lists its main mission as “bringing together young people from around the world to create an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence between cultures and nations.

One of the school’s alumni, Lewis Callaghan, Middle East correspondent for the UK’s Sunday Times, said the school “makes you get used to being around people who are very different from you.”

UWC Atlantic College. [Image source=EPA/Yonhap].

Another hallmark of Atlantic College is its ban on “excessive displays of wealth” (E.D.W.s). The NYT interpreted this to mean “no expensive watches or luxury clothing” and “leave the Rolex at home.” Students are also reportedly dismissed at 1 p.m. to do volunteer work or engage in activities such as kayaking, archery, and farming.

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