Officials in Busan were caught one after another for habitual negligence and wrongful receipt of overtime pay, and Busan City is conducting a related investigation and reviewing criminal penalties

. It was thanks to the record of Mr. A토토사이트, who has been working on safety management.

As his official status, he has been keeping a diary of three officials who are his superiors, who are often away, for the past year.

In the log, it was written that when one officer left work around 1:00 PM, the other officer went to work at that time.

The seniors who participated in the Gijang Elderly Hanmadang Festival held at the Gijang Gymnasium in Busan are having a good time with the Gakseoli performance team. International Newspaper DB

According to the regulations, they work from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but it is a story that one person worked in turns in the morning and afternoon.

It is said that this kind of ‘dumb work’ behavior was recorded in Mr. A’s journal more than a hundred times, and it was also recorded on the CCTV screen dozens of times.

They are known to leave their seats without fail, even during the busiest hours of the weekend gym.

As a result, the damage was the responsibility of the complainant. Most of the calls were sent to the security office during the absence of public officials, so civil servants had no choice but to endure inconvenience.

When the city audit began, the Gijang Sports Observation Office moved three public officials in question.

The city plans to investigate and take criminal action against them for their habitual negligence and wrongful receipt of overtime pay.

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