Wonju DB is in 8th place with 16 wins and 25 losses in the ‘2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’ regular league. With 13 games left,바카라사이트 the gap with 6th place, which is the final line for advancing to the playoffs (PO), is not large. Through a last-minute spurt, he aims to dramatically advance to the semifinals. However, the situation is not easy, as they have recently fallen into a five-game losing streak. Accordingly, they are trying to find a way out by replacing foreign players and continuing the competition for the semifinals. After acting coach Kim Joo-seong took over the baton, he plans to reorganize the foreign players that have already changed once again.

After the launch of the acting Kim system, DB recruited Malcolm Thomas in place of Dewan Hernandez, who was playing despite the aftermath of an injury. But Thomas fell short of expectations. He appeared in 5 games and averaged only 4.2 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.6 assists. His aggressiveness was also disappointing, but his biggest problem was the lack of aggressiveness in the fight under the goal. Because of this, DB fell into a swamp of consecutive losses as it was pushed back in a high confrontation with the opposing team, including rebounding. A DB club official said, “There is no final decision yet, but we are constantly looking for foreign players.”

Along with the replacement of foreign players, they are weighing the timing of the return of starting point guard Doo Kyung-min. Doo Kyung-min, who has been unable to play regularly due to knee problems throughout this season, is undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing surgery earlier this year. There is a prospect that the team may return to training within this week.

DB’s next schedule is a home game against Jeonju KCC, their opponent in the 6th round, on the 25th. It remains to be seen whether Doo Kyung-min will be activated from this day. The next match is an away match against Suwon KT on March 1st. KT is also a competitor in the round of 6. Doo Kyung-min’s addition is an essential driving force for DB.

The regular league has an A-match break. After the Seoul SK game on the 18th, DB got enough time to reorganize. Using this period, foreign players are replaced and injured players such as Doo Kyung-min return to maximize their strength. I wonder if DB, who has been struggling due to constant injury issues throughout the season, will be able to write a drama with a dramatic twist at the end.

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