Tottenham players of the English Premier League (EPL) promised refunds to fans who came to cheer for them in order to take responsibility for the disaster against Newcastle.

On the 26th, Tottenham sent a message from the team through the club website, saying, “No words can undo what has already happened크크크벳, but we will refund tickets to fans who came to support the Newcastle match away.”

According to the announcement on the club’s homepage, fans who cheered away can request a refund within 24 hours, and refunds will be made to fans who have completed the application within a week. According to foreign media such as ESPN, an American sports media outlet, the number of Tottenham away fans is estimated to be around 3,000.

Son Heung-min (31)’s team, Tottenham, lost 1-6 in an away game against Newcastle United on the 23rd. In particular, he shocked Tottenham fans by scoring 5 goals in the 21st minute of the game.

Tottenham sacked acting coach Christian Stellini, who directed the match the very next day, and started to calm the atmosphere.

With a crushing defeat against Newcastle, Tottenham is expected to find it difficult to enter the 4th place, which is the condition for advancing to the UEFA Champions League next season. They fell to 6th place with 53 points.

If they lose to 4th place Manchester United (59 points), which will be brought home to face on the 28th, the competition for 4th place will virtually end. Manchester United have played two games less than Tottenham. Third-place Newcastle, who have the same points as Manchester United, also played one less game than Tottenham.

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