“Yang Seok-hwan is running a campaign saying that if you get rid of 10 batted balls with good line drives, you can increase 10 home runs.”먹튀검증

Koji Goto, Doosan Bears hitting coach, suggested to Yang Seok-hwan (32) to reduce line drives during the spring camp in Australia. Coach Goto is instilling awareness that if Yang Seok-hwan reduces his line drives, he can increase his home runs. Coach Goto’s style is to instill positive thoughts first and then slowly follow up with technical advice.

Coach Goto said, “Yang Seok-hwan (right-handed hitter) has a lot of line drives from the left. If he removes 10 good line-drive balls, 10 more home runs can be added. If he reduces 15, 15 home runs will increase. “, he explained briefly and smiled.

After finishing his season, Yang Seok-hwan will get his first FA qualification. He traded to Doosan in 2021 and is solidifying his image as a giant by hitting 20 home runs for the second consecutive year. If the campaign with Coach Goto succeeds and hits more than 30 homers, Yang Seok-hwan’s ransom will naturally rise. Coach Goto showed the way for Yang Seok-hwan to become a FA jackpot while saving the team’s long hits.

Yang Seok-hwan welcomed Coach Goto’s teaching method. I first met Coach Goto during this spring camp, and he was a good leader, as I’ve heard from his teammates. He said, “It’s good because he’s a person who looks at the strengths rather than the flaws.”

From the first real game, there was income from hitting long hits. On the 15th, Yang Seok-hwan started as the designated hitter for the blue team in the match against Cheongbaek, which was played at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia, and recorded 1 hit in 3 at-bats. In his first at-bat in the second inning, he hit a double against White Team starter Kim Dong-ju. Kim Dong-ju recorded a maximum of 146km on the day of the fastball and pitched 2 innings, 4 strikeouts and no runs, and was the only one to give up a hit to Yang Seok-hwan.

Doosan fielders greatly welcomed Coach Goto’s joining this year. Because he is the leader who led Doosan to No. 1 in team hitting in 2018. In other words, he is a leader who has made good memories with players who hit career highs five years ago. Doosan was the only team out of 10 clubs that year to exceed 30% (0.309) in team batting average, and ranked first in all major batting indicators such as team slugging percentage of 0.486 and team on-base percentage of 0.376. He produced 8 double-digit home run hitters and recorded 191 team home runs.

Along with coach Goto, Doosan recruited a number of leaders with expertise in batting, such as head coach Lee Seung-yeop and head coach Kim Han-soo, and started remodeling the batting line. In 4+2 years, 15.2 billion won was invested in Yang Eui-ji (36), a free agent catcher, to add weight to the center batting line. In order for the club’s efforts to see the light, it is important that the existing giants Kim Jae-hwan (35) and Yang Seok-hwan revive together.

As coach Goto advised, Yang Seok-hwan is also paying attention to injury management to increase the number of home runs. Last year, when his batting pace was good, he injured his side, so he had a batting average of 0.244 (99 hits in 405 at-bats), 20 home runs, and 51 RBIs.

Yang Seok-hwan expressed his desire to play 144 games in good health this year, saying, “The first thing is not to get sick.

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