Tottenham Hotspur is serious about signing a light wingback. It is news that they have presented increased conditions for the recruitment of their top priority target, Pedro Poro.

Tottenham needs to clean up the right wingback. Currently, Tottenham’s right wingback seat does not yet have a clear start. Currently, Matt Doherty and Emerson Royal are playing alternately as right wingbacks, but both players are not meeting expectations. 메이저놀이터

Also, Jed Spence, who was recruited in the transfer market this summer, is also a right wingback resource, but has only played 4 games so far in the league. Tottenham has a plan to organize at least one of the three players in the transfer market this winter through rental or transfer, and plans to recruit a new wingback.

The most likely candidate is Sporting CP’s Pedro Poro. Poro is a 23-year-old right wingback of Spanish nationality, and is a wingback resource who has been recognized for his skills, such as playing for Manchester City through Girona.

At Man City, he could not find the starting lineup and went on loan. Afterwards, he returned to Sporting, his youth team, and his skills were in full bloom. He played an active role in his rental life from 2020 to 2022, and has been active since this season as a complete transfer. He has strengths in his sharp crosses, progressiveness, and build-up, and is evaluated as being specialized in the aggressive wingback football coach Conte pursues.

The signing of the poro is close, but Sporting want more money than Tottenham have offered. European football transfer market expert Nikola Skira said, “Tottenham have offered Sporting 35 million euros (approximately 53.5 billion won) to sign a prisoner.” However, “Sporting still wants to meet the buyout clause of 45 million euros (about 68.8 billion won),” he said, saying that Tottenham are having difficulties in negotiations.

In the end, Tottenham presented the upgraded conditions. European football expert journalist Fabricio Romano said: “Tottenham and Sporting will have a new conversation today about a prisoner. Tottenham will offer a transfer fee of 37 million euros and an option, and are discussing including one player as part of the deal. ” said

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