LG, the sole leader in professional baseball, has been excited. Against Kiwoom, he scored the most points this season and won 5 in a row.토토사이트

LG mercilessly beat up rookie pitcher Kim Dong-gyu, who was traded to Kiwoom on the 29th of last month while eating rice.

After scoring two runs in the first inning, Park Dong-won’s 17th home run of the season, a surprise double steal from a one-out 1-3 base opportunity, and Shin Min-jae’s timely hit added three points in the second inning.

In the 3rd inning, Austin’s two home runs in a row and a series of mistakes by Kiwoom’s defense team, who lost their concentration, added a massive 7 points, and LG scored 17 points, the most this season with 18 hits, winning 17 to 8 and sprinting for 5 consecutive wins.

3rd place KT gave up 7 walks until the 6th inning, but with 1 hit and no runs, the 5th starter’s exclusionary struggle led the way, winning a 4-0 complete victory over NC, where the league’s best ace Pedi started, and riding with 4th place NC. was split into two matches.

2nd place SSG won 4-0 against Samsung with ace Kim Gwang-hyun’s 7 scoreless innings and won 2 consecutive victories.

In the second half, Lotte continued to hope for the postseason by beating KIA with Barnes’ 7 innings and 1 run, which was fighting well in the second half.

Hanwha won two consecutive victories amidst the performance of newcomer Moon Hyun-bin, who recorded two consecutive hits and runs from Doosan starter Choi Won-joon, who reigned as a ‘nemesis’.

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