Yeon Je-woon (28), the “one-club man” of Seongnam FC in professional football, will make a new nest at Jeju United. Nam Gi-il (48), who had a relationship as a priest in Seongnam, falls into the arms of Jeju coach. There is also a prospect that it will be a signal of the so-called ‘Exodus’ of Seongnam, which was relegated to K-League 2 (2nd division).

An official from the soccer world told Star News on the 13th, “Yeon Je-woon, from Seongnam Youth League, will leave Seongnam, which was relegated to the second division, and move to Jeju. Now, I understand that only the official announcement remains.” If there are no major variables in the transfer process, Yeon Je-woon’s transfer to Jeju is expected to become official. 토토

Yeon Je-woon is a “one-club man” center back who graduated from Poongsaeng High School for the Seongnam U-18 team, went to Sunmoon University, and played only in Seongnam. He made his professional debut in 2016 and played 98 K League 1 (first division) games and 62 K League 2 games.

Since 2017, when Seongnam was relegated to the second division, he has established himself as the team’s main defender, and in particular, in the 2019 season, he played in a whopping 38 matches. After that, he went through Kimcheon Sangmu for military service and returned to Seongnam after being discharged in September. After that, he played in 8 league games, but could not prevent the team from relegation.

In line with the team’s relegation, he took on a new challenge: a transfer to Jeju for the first time since his debut. Coincidentally, the commanding tower of Jeju is director Nam Ki-il, the ‘old teacher’. Director Nam and Yeon Je-woon formed a priestly relationship in Seongnam in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. In the 2019 season, when Yeon Je-woon played the most games after his professional debut, Nam was also the coach.

Seongnam, which sent Yeon Je-woon away, was relegated to the second division four years after being promoted to the bottom of the K-League 1 last October. Recently, Lee Ki-hyung, former coach of Incheon United, has been appointed to make a fresh start, but concerns are emerging that key players may be leaving due to the relegation of the second division.

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