According to the Ministry of Justice, Shin Chang-won attempted to commit suicide in his cell at Daejeon Prison, where he is currently incarcerated, at around 8 p.m. yesterday,토토사이트 Nov. 21, and was discovered by prison staff on duty and taken to a hospital.

Thanks to the quick response of the prison staff, Shin is currently in a non-life-threatening condition.

The Ministry of Justice is investigating the reasons for Shin’s extreme choice.

Shin was arrested on March 28, 1989, after robbing a family in Donam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, of more than 30 million won ($30,000) and stabbing the homeowner to death. He was arrested in September of the same year, six months after the crime.

Shin was wanted again when he escaped from Busan Prison on January 20, 1997.

He spent tens of minutes a day for two months cutting out the bars of the toilet with a piece of hacksaw he had acquired as a laborer.

He then climbed down from his cell to the first floor through the ventilation shaft on the outside wall, dug into the construction site of a new church in the prison, and climbed over the fence of the construction site to get out of the prison. It took about an hour and a half.

Shin Chang-won remained at large for two and a half years before being arrested in July 1998 after a citizen tip-off.

During this time, the bounty on his head jumped from 10 million won to 50 million won.

In addition, a “fake” rainbow shirt from the Italian luxury brand Missoni, which Shin was wearing at the time of his arrest, was reported in newspapers and broadcasts and went viral.

Shin made news again in August 2011 when he attempted to commit suicide at the North Gyeongsang Province Prison (formerly Cheongsong Prison). Again, prison staff on a pre-dawn patrol found him and rushed him to a nearby hospital, saving his life.

Meanwhile, Shin Chang-won was born in 1967 and is 56 years old this year.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery when he was in his early 20s, and while serving his sentence, he managed to escape when he was in his early 30s and became an “incomplete” free man for two and a half years before being recaptured and serving his sentence again for more than 20 years.

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