Shin Jin-seo won the second round of the 9th Ing Cup World Baduk Championship held on the 23rd at Sun Ke Villa in Changning District, Shanghai, China.스포츠토토

Shaker came out with the strategy of ‘breaking through first,’ but Shin Jin-seo, who caught the back, formed a large force on the left and upper sides, leading the situation to his advantage.

Then, when Shaker left the central hemp unattended and showed an urgent appearance, Shin Jin-seo launched an all-out attack. Attacking the black hemp, taking the house on the upper side and destroying the black gin on the right side, he seized the victory early.

Regarding the content of the second station, Shin Jin-seo said, “I thought it was very good in the middle, but it became fine as I left it loose.”

On this day, there was never a moment when Shin Jin-seo, 9-dan, was at a disadvantage in the odds graph. He scored from the left center, and widened the gap in the close match in the right half. Every time Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan safely put it, the gap in the graph only narrowed a little.

It’s not just an honorable title. Shin Jin-seo also took care of the reality. The prize money for this tournament is 400,000 dollars (approximately 530 million won), which is the world’s highest amount in a Go tournament. Shin Jin-seo, who accumulated 710 million won in prize money this year, quickly increased it to 1.24 billion won and succeeded in breaking the 1 billion won mark for the fourth consecutive year.

He is also a veteran of the Korean baduk world. In Korea, Jo Hoon-hyeon, 9p, took the championship in the first tournament, and Suh Bong-soo, Yoo Chang-hyeok, and Lee Chang-ho, 9p won the fourth consecutive tournament.

Shin Jin-seo, who won the Ing Cup, set her sights on the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held next month. “I think I will be able to prepare more comfortably for the Asian Games,” he said. He also emphasized, “I am determined to win all Asian Games matches, and the goal is, of course, to win two gold medals.”

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