From this Sunday, the whole country will enter the rainy season.

It is the first time in two years that Jeju Island, southern and central regions are in the rainy season at the same time, and it is expected to be accompanied by localized heavy rain from the beginning.

This is reporter Jung Hye-yoon’s report.

Rain clouds were formed from the east to the west from southern China to the southern sea of ​​Japan.

It is a stagnant front that sprinkles monsoon rain.

The static front that stayed in the distant South Sea is belatedly starting to head north.

On Sunday morning, the rainy season will start moving north to Jeju Island, and it will affect the southern regions in the afternoon and the central region next Monday.

It is the first time in two years since 2021 메이저놀이터that the rainy season does not start sequentially at intervals from Jeju Island, and the whole country enters the rainy season at the same time.

[Park Joong-hwan / Forecast Analyst, Korea Meteorological Administration: If the rainy season starts as expected, it will start 6 days later in Jeju Island and 2 days later in the central and southern regions than normal.] It started late, but this rainy season is also expected to be accompanied by torrential rain from the start


Heavy rain will be concentrated on Jeju Island and the southern coast on Sunday, in the central region from Sunday night to Monday, and in Jeju Island and southern regions from Monday night to Tuesday.

After the middle of next week, the rainy season front is expected to retreat to the southern sea for a while and then move north again in the second half of the week to sprinkle heavy rain across the country.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, as the rainy season with localized heavy rain begins,

He asked to prepare for rain damage, such as inundation of lowlands and farmlands, flooding of rivers and valleys, and preparations for backflow of sewers and drains.

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