Reporter Hoon Kwon = The son of another ‘living legend’ is in front of the public at the PNC Championship, a major championship family golf tournament that has been buzzing for three years until this year with the appearance of Charlie, the son of ‘Emperor of Golf’ Tiger Woods (USA). showed up

The main character is Will McGee (11), the son of ‘Eternal Golf Empress’ Annika Sorenstam (Sweden).

With 72 wins on the LPGA Tour, including her 10 majors, Sorenstam is considered the greatest female golfer of all time.

Sorenstam has previously competed at the PNC Championships with her father, Tom, but this year she is bringing along her 11-year-old son, Will.

Sorenstam’s father, Tom, stepped in as her daughter’s caddy this time. Will’s caddy is Mike McGee, Sorenstam’s husband and Will’s father.

Will, the youngest among the participants in this tournament, was not strong enough to drive only 170 yards.

However, he displayed surprisingly sophisticated putting skills on sharp iron shots.

Sorenstam said, “I’ll put it on the green, and you put it in the hole,” she laughed.

Sorenstam’s hat combined for 129 strokes at 15 under par for two days. In the first round, she landed 10 under par.

Will said, “It was such a wonderful experience to play with my mom. I can’t believe I received so many people’s support.”

He added, “I was nervous at first. But the excitement was greater than the trembling.”

Sorenstam hinted that Will had always wanted to compete in the PNC Championship.

However, Sorenstam said, “I was reluctant to expose my child to uncomfortable situations [in the public spotlight],” adding, “I waited until Will could enjoy it.”

Sorenstam enjoyed all kinds of sports as a child. Even though Will was raised that way, he is already obsessed with golf.

Will goes out to play golf every day with Josh, son of Ian Poulter (England), and Carl, son of Henrik Stenson (Sweden), who live in the same neighborhood.

He often plays 36 holes in one day. When he can’t reach him, Sorenstam drives a cart to find his son, but he meets Will at the golf course without fail. 메이저놀이터

“When it rains, he’s eating burgers in the clubhouse,” says Sorenstam, who says the golf course is his kids’ playground.

Will’s future hope is to go to Stanford University and join the golf club. Sorenstam is so eager to win that he says, “He always wants to beat me.”

Of course, Will’s mentor is his mother, Sorenstam.

Sorenstam also teaches swing, but what matters more is the heart.

Sorenstam doesn’t push Will. The idea is that he shouldn’t go through ‘burnout’ where he runs out exhausted.

“I’m only 11 now. I want my son to play golf. I don’t want to be successful quickly,” Sorenstam said.