Baseball, the ‘aesthetics of waiting’ with cheering and chicken and beer, has become faster. Today (3rd), a major league pitcher struck out with three balls in just 20 seconds, which is the effect of the changed rule.


<New York Yankees 9:1 Pittsburgh|Major League exhibition game>

It took less than 20 seconds for Peralta to strike out a batter by throwing three pitches.

Upon receiving the ball from the catcher, he threw it straight away and produced the fastest strikeout.

A few days ago, a batter who had been standing still was suddenly out, and a day before that, a strike decision came out before the first ball even came.

[Manny Machado/San Diego: It will take time to get used to it, but anyway, I will be recorded in history (as the first victim after the introduction of the pitch clock).] Unprecedented

scenes are due to the ‘pitch clock’ introduced by the major leagues this season.

Pitchers must pitch within 15 seconds with no runners on, and hitters must go to bat with at least 8 seconds remaining.

A ball is called if the pitcher violates, and a strike is called if the batter violates.

This decision was made when fans these days got bored of playing too long.

We also added rules for dynamic matches.

By increasing the size of the base, it induces stolen bases and prevents defensive shifts, resulting in more hits, runs, and runs.

At the same time, this kind of scene where four beasts are standing is not seen in the major leagues anymore.

Changes in American baseball lead to changes in international competitions, and the departure of young fans is also our concern, so the KBO League is also open to change.

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