For some, it was the ‘500th’ day of achieving a great record, and for others, it was the ‘first’ day full of excitement and tension. March 14, 2023 was an unforgettable day for both players.

On the 14th, the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Round 6 match between Korea Expressway Corporation and Pepper Savings Bank was held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju. Korea Expressway Corporation did their best to go straight to the playoffs, and Pepper Savings Bank did their best to win the last home game of the season. The meaning of this match was not only this. It was a meaningful match for both players from both teams. They are Jeong Dae-young of Korea Expressway Corporation and Lee Min-seo of Pepper Savings Bank.

Jeong Dae-young started as a middle blocker that day and achieved a record of 500 appearances in his career. This is the fourth record achieved in the V-League women’s division following Lim Im-ok (522 games), Han Song-i (516 games), and Kim Su-ji (509 games). It was a record that could be achieved because Daeyoung Jeong, who is synonymous with persistence and self-management.

Daeyoung Chung played in a whopping 1912 sets during her 500th match. Of course, the number of active players as a main player is much higher than that of the set that came out as a one-point server or blocker. Born in 1981, Chung Dae-young, an irreplaceable core resource of Korea Expressway Corporation, is literally a living history and legend of the V-League메이저사이트.

Chung Dae-young showed off a good performance as if celebrating his 500th game. He performed like Altoran with 6 blocks and 2 serves. Jeong Dae-young’s blocking, which cut off the flow of Pepper Savings Bank at every decisive moment, played a role in determining the direction of the game. Thanks to Jung Dae-young’s performance, Korea Expressway Corporation won the set score 3-0 (25-13, 25-18, 25-11) that day. In a post-game interview, when asked how he felt about his 500th game, Dae-Young Jeong said, “It’s the same (laughs). Still, I am happy to be able to set a record like this, and I am even more happy to decorate the game with a victory.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-seo of Pepper Savings Bank got a chance to make her first debut on the day. As Nia Reid left the team due to the ‘hemp jelly’ happening, the apogee seat became vacant, and a precious opportunity came to Min-seo Lee, who mainly stepped on the court as a one-point server. In an interview before the match, Acting Coach Lee Kyung-soo said, “Lee Min-seo will start. However, because he is a short player, there will be limitations in attack.”

Lee Min-seo showed her strengths and weaknesses on this day. His sharp serve, his greatest strength, shone more than when he went out as a one-point server. He soared by scoring three serves against Korea Expressway Corporation, the team with the strongest receiving in the league. His concentration in defensive situations was also good. In situations where rallies were getting longer, he frequently made focused first touches.

However, in the attack, he expressed regret as the agency feared. It struggled against the high blocking wall erected by Youna Bae, Daeyoung Jeong, Jungah Park, and Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell). Because I was overly conscious of the blocker, the crime of touching the antenna came out twice. There were several attacks with outstanding sense, but overall, it was difficult to block the opponent and only recorded an attack success rate of 18.52%.

March 14, 2023 was an unforgettable day for Jung Dae-young, who finished his 500th game with great success, and Lee Min-seo, who created impressive scenes in his first start. Jeong Dae-young’s 500th day and Lee Min-seo’s first day were also shining brightly.

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