Many craps players see online casinos as a suitable alternative to the land-based version. If you don’t have time to make it to a brick-and-mortar casino, then you enjoy fun craps action at an internet site.

You get the same table layout in internet craps along with a chance to cyber roll the dice. Online casinos also do a good job of offering a realistic atmosphere.

But despite internet craps’ good qualities, some people don’t play because they’ve been sold on lies about the game. The reverse is also true, where people come into online craps with unrealistic expectations.

Neither situation is good for the online game, which is why I’m going to expose the biggest online craps lies in this post. These lies come from both articles I’ve read and multiple players whom I’ve met.

It’s Hard to Learn Craps at Internet Casinos

The biggest lie that I’ve ever heard about online craps is that it’s a tough way to learn the game.

The people who say this claim that internetcraps is more confusing, because the board isn’t as big as those at online casinos. Instead, you’re looking at a small computer-generated board, which makes it tougher to see the different bets.

It’s true that online craps tables don’t offer large boards with clearly visible spaces. But this doesn’t mean that beginners have a tougher time learning with the internet version.

I find that online craps is an easier place to learn the game, because the software acts as a guiding hand.

The software highlights where you can place chips and make bets. This is perfect for players who aren’t certain where to place wagers.

Every online craps game I’ve played also offers small descriptions of each wager when you hover over betting spaces with your mouse (PC/Mac). This is like a small tutorial that teaches new players about the different parts of the craps board.

One more bonus is that you can use the help screen to read more on each wager if the on-table description doesn’t help enough. 안전놀이터

Given everything thatinternet craps offers beginning players, I recommend that they play for free or real money online before heading to a brick-and-mortar casino.

Online Craps Doesn’t Have Odds Bets

“Odds” is the best bet in craps and perhapsin the entire casino. The reason why is because odds wagers don’t carry a house edge.

Land-based casinos commonly offer craps odds worth anywhere from 2x to 100x. You can back either a pass line or don’t pass line bet with odds once a point number has been established.

You won’t see odds listed on the table among regular bets. Instead, you need to wait for a point to be established and let dealers know that you’re making an odds wager.

Considering that odds doesn’t carry a house edge, you want to make this bet whenever possible. But I’ve both read articles and heard players claim that you can’t make odds wagers online.

This is completely untrue, because some online gambling providers do offer craps games with odds. You just have to know which providers to look for.

The two best include Betsoft and Playtech, which both offer up to 3x odds with their online craps games. Just like in a land-based casino, you need to wait until the point number is set before putting odds behind your pass line or don’t pass line bet.

One difference, though, is that you don’t have to let the dealer know you’re making an odds bet. Instead, you hover over the area outside the pass line or don’t pass line spaces.

If the online Craps game you’re playing offers odds, the game will highlight the area where you place this bet.

Putting an odds bet behind a pass line wager is called “taking odds.” You want to roll the point number before a 7 to win the pass line and odds bets.

Here are the payouts for taking odds based on the point numbers:

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