Yesterday (18th) at around 11:30 pm, a minor driving a motorcycle on the road in Janggi-dong, Gimpo City was caught by a police officer.

Gyeonggi Gimpo Police Station announced on the 19th that it had booked 16-year-old스포츠토토 A without detention on charges of special obstruction of justice.

The police, who were dispatched to the scene after receiving a report of a loud noise, gave Army A a stop sign, but ignored it and drove into a police officer.

Group A stated to the police, “I have nothing to do with the roar of the motorcycle,” and that “the police officer suddenly jumped out and was injured.” 

The police believe that Group A caused an accident while driving an unregistered motorcycle and are investigating the exact circumstances.

A police official said, “Both A and the policeman were injured, but they were not serious injuries.”

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