“This award was created by gathering the passion of female baseball players.”

Infielder Park So-yeon (21) of the Daejeon Ladies baseball team, a female member of society, won the Outstanding Player Award at the ‘2022 Baseball Softball Night’ held at the Seoul Garden Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 19th. To this day, she is the only female among award-winning baseball players.

Park So-yeon, smiling brightly, said, “It’s all thanks to the ladies’ sisters,” and gave the glory, saying, “The passion of all the women’s baseball players gathered and I won this award.”

As for Park So-yeon, she is also the 2022 women’s baseball national team. Her team, Daejeon Ladies, has won a number of women’s baseball national championships since last year. Kim Bo-mi, a pitcher on the same team and the national women’s baseball team, wrote the expression “the ‘last puzzle’ for our team to win” toward Park So-yeon. An official from the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation said, “Based on her game record this season, we recommended Park So-yeon to the Baseball and Softball Association.”

Park So-yeon said after her award, “Her family loved it so much. It’s an honor. Her mother always provides generous support. Her father watches my game every time and tells me what to fix. Her brother played baseball until high school, and when I come home, he helps me with training, such as hitting fungo. Thank you and love her family,” she said.

Unfortunately, Park So-yeon, who is in her third year at the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, will not be able to attend the national team selection match next year. He said, “I am planning a language training for four months from March. Because he wants to improve his English skills to become a pilot, which is his dream. Because of this, it’s really unfortunate that he couldn’t attend next year’s national team selection match,” he said with tears in his eyes.

There are only 1,000 women’s baseball players nationwide, but Park So-yeon is walking her own path as a pilot. Park So-yeon is the only woman among her classmates in the aviation flight department he is enrolled in. He said, “It’s difficult to go down a path that women don’t normally take, but people say I’m cool. I want to work harder,” she said. 메이저놀이터

Park So-yeon said, “I want to focus on my studies in the future and work as an airline or military pilot. However, she also plays baseball steadily, and if the opportunity comes again, she will challenge the national team again,” she pledged.

Lastly, she boldly exclaimed, “She will use the prize money she received today to pay for the ladies’ dinner,” and Park So-yeon delivered a message of support to the women’s baseball team, which will be selected in 2023.

“Don’t get hurt, I’ll be training in the winter and I hope you get good results in international competitions! Women’s baseball fighting!”