The first prize of the 1071st Lotto Lottery was set at 5.18398 billion won. It is the first time this year that the lottery prize has exceeded 5 billion won. The companion lottery ticket토토사이트, a lottery operator , announced on the 10th that ‘1

, 2, 11, 21, 30, 35′ were selected as the first winning numbers in the 1071st lottery lottery . The second place bonus number is ’39’. Five first-place winners who guessed all six winning numbers will receive 5,183,980,000 won each. This is the largest amount of the first prize prize so far this year. The last 1053 times (February) first prize was 4,090.36 million won, which was the highest record this year, but beat it. It is followed by 1062 times (3.8 billion 1.93 million won) and 1063 times (3.779 billion won). The 2nd place with 5 winning numbers and the bonus number matching 83 people will receive 52.05 million won each, and the 3rd place with 5 winning numbers will receive 2891 people and 1.49 million won each. The 4th place (fixed prize money of 50,000 won) who guessed 4 winning numbers was 143,234, and the 5th place (fixed prize money 5,000 won) with 3 matching numbers was 2,391,950 people. Controversy over manipulating winning numbers has been raised in the lottery, and the accompanying lottery side has invited audiences to attend the lottery from this episode.

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