The general manager and the manager토토사이트 communicated, and the club succeeded in recruiting him.

Jeonju KCC recruited FA Lee Ho-hyeon for a total of 240 million won (yearly salary_168 million won incentive_72 million won) for a 4-year contract period.

Lee Ho-hyun, who graduated from Gunsan High School and Chung-Ang University, recorded an average of 8.3 points and 2.7 assists in 47 regular league games last season for Seoul Samsung.

The general manager and the manager communicated, and the club succeeded in recruiting him. Photo = Provided by KBL
KCC is another meaning of ‘Guard Kingdom’. He has many guards with different styles. However, the protagonist of the number 1 spot has not yet been found. They were the ones who needed the last puzzle number 1 to challenge the presidency with Song Gyo-chang, who is returning in the 2023-24 season.

General manager Choi Hyung-gil and manager Jeon Chang-jin also shared their thoughts. A KCC official said, “We say there are many guards in our team, but it is true that there are not enough players to play the number one role. Lee Ho-hyun was a player who played the role of No. 1 well at Samsung last season,” he said. The club had no reason not to recruit him. I did my best and was able to recruit him,” he explained.

As mentioned earlier, Lee Ho-hyun is from Gunsan. He was born and raised in Gunsan. It is also true that the hearts of the club and the players are connected in that KCC’s second home is Gunsan.

A KCC official said, “Lee Ho-hyun is from Gunsan. In the process of FA negotiations, this aspect has come to an advantage. He also wanted to play for our team. I have to ask one more time, but I know that his family is living in Gunsan. It will motivate me in many ways.”

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