Following the NC Dinos, who were tied for first place, the LG Twins also defeated the Hanwha Eagles in a row, continuing their run for first place with 4 consecutive victories. And at the center of the first place is the strongest batting line.

Team batting average (0.296), hits (188), runs scored (113), stolen bases (34), slugging percentage (0.409), on-base percentage (0.385), OPS (0.794), etc., are ranked first in most offensive indicators except for home runs. Both the starter and the bullpen are still a bit unstable, but the offense is adding to the victory by supporting the mound’s difficulties well.

But the director’s greed knows no bounds. I’m hoping for a better lineup. In order to do that, it is necessary to return Lee Jae-won, a promising geopo. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop says, “When Lee Jae-won comes, the batting line can breathe more.”

Lee Jae-won had side pain at the end of the spring camp and rehabilitated, and returned at the end of the exhibition game, but felt the pain in his side again and started rehabilitation again. Lee Jae-won, who is now in technical training, has been injured twice in the same place, so he is watching his physical condition more carefully.

Now that LG’s hitting is so good, I wonder if Lee Jae-won is necessary. Lee Jae-won hit 13 homers in 85 games last year and was recognized for his slugging power, but his batting average was . It cannot be predicted that he will hit better compared to the current hitters, but Yeom’s thoughts are looking at the entire season, not right away.

First of all, Lee Jae-won was selected as the first baseman before the season, but now his position has changed. He again plays as an 안전놀이터outfielder. Director Yeom said, “Lee Jae-won will go out more as an outfielder than a first baseman.” This is because foreign hitter Austin Dean, who is currently playing first base, has a more stable first base defense than Lee Jae-won.

When Lee Jae-won comes, the team’s slugging power goes up. Lee Jae-won, as coach Yeom said before, will play in the lower lineup, but his long hitting power is excellent. Coach Yeom hopes that he will continue to give Lee Jae-won opportunities to participate and grow while gaining experience. If Park Dong-won and Lee Jae-won hit a big hit in the lower batting line, the opponent will not be able to easily compete in the lower batting line. If you fatigue the opposing pitcher, you can press harder.

If Lee Jae-won comes, one more outfielder will be created, and one of Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, Moon Seong-joo, and Lee Jae-won will start from the bench. Manager Yeom takes into consideration various factors such as the players’ condition and physical condition, and the opponent’s pitcher, and excludes one player from the selection. One person can be designated hitter, and one person can save physical strength by not starting. Being able to play the game while maintaining stamina until the end of the season. Last year, Moon Seong-joo fought for the off-site batting champion until August, but he had an experience that his batting performance fell due to his physical strength at the last minute. He has been showing good hitting from the beginning of this season, but he needs to manage his stamina to hit well until the end of the season. With Lee Jae-won coming, all outfielders will be able to save enough stamina.

Since one of the starting players is on the bench, he can of course be used as a pinch hitter. It is possible to put in a pinch hitter at a crucial moment in the second half of the game. Manager Yeom said, “Currently, there is no left-handed pinch hitter on our team. If Lee Jae-won participates and another left-handed hitter is on the bench, a left-handed pinch hitter will be created.”

Currently, LG outfielders are steadily participating in the game. It exploded well in the beginning, but lately it has shown ups and downs. If Lee Jae-won returns and is given time to rest, the outfield will be able to return more smoothly.

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