Everyone must have seen the 45th KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the KLPGA Tour this season, which ended on the 30th of last month. There was a player who received more attention than Lee Da-yeon (26), who overcame an injury and won 7 wins in this tournament. This is Bang Shin-sil (19), who was competing for the lead with Lee Da-yeon until the 14th hole (par 4) of the final 4th round. In the final round, about 10,000 galleries visited Lakewood CC (par 72) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, and there was a lot of support for Bang Shin-sil. Bang Shin-sil showed an average driving distance of 273 yards (approximately 250m) in this tournament, and was evaluated for winning the hearts of the gallery with her bold and aggressive play. Bang Sin-sil’s average driving distance in this tournament was about 15m longer than Hwang Yu-min (20, 259 yards), who is currently the number one driving distance on the tour. SBS Golf Committee member Kim Jae-yeol, who specializes in KLPGA tour commentary, said, “I was originally a long hitter, but it seems that the distance has increased during this tournament.”

Room, you can’t see more than you think
After this tournament, many fans wondered when they would be able to see the room again. In order to know how often you can see Bang Shin-sil, you need to look at the ‘seed’, which is the qualification to participate in KLPGA Tour competitions.

There are a total of 105 KLPGA Tour seed holders this season. Of these, a total of 84 players, excluding players active in overseas tours, can participate in all competitions. It’s called ‘full seed’. KLPGA Tour competitions can be divided into competitions with 108, 120, 132, and 144 players. With the exception of the 84 full-seeded players, they are eligible to compete in competitions based on their standings in last year’s seeding round. Because of this, it is said that if you enter within the top 20 in the seed battle, you actually own a full seed.

Bang Sin-sil, a former national team member, received a report card of 40th place in the KLPGA 2023 regular tour seed ranking finals held in November last year. The KLPGA Championship is a 132-person competition, so you can normally participate up to 37th in the seeding, but as some other players who could participate gave up participating, an opportunity came to Bang Shin-sil, who was ranked 40th. If Bang Shin-sil won this competition, he would have been able to obtain a seed right until 2026, as well as a full seed this season. This is the reason why Bang Shin-sil regrets making a bogey mistake in the 15th hole (par 5).

If so, how many tournaments 메이저사이트will we be able to meet Bang Shin-sil, the 40th seed who missed the championship, this season? Although each competition situation is different, Bang Shin-sil can participate 100% in the 144-person contest, which is guaranteed to participate up to the 47th seed ranking, and the 132-person contest may vary depending on the situation. This is because if a player ranked ahead of the Bangshinsil participates, the Bangshinsil cannot participate.

Even if Bang Shin-sil can participate in a 132-player competition, the problem is that there are few competitions with more than 132 players on the KLPGA tour. Based on last season, the 132-person competition started at the end of April. Like this season, last season, the KLPGA Championship was the first 132-player event to be held. Since then, there have been seven tournaments with 132 or more players participating. Even if Bang Shin-sil participates in all 132 competitions and participates in the main sponsor competition as a recommended player, there may be less than 10 competitions that Bang Shin-sil can meet this season. However, the situation will be different if Bang Sin-sil reports the championship in the competition.

Bang Shin-sil, it is difficult to become the rookie king
This is why it is difficult for Bang Sin-sil to become the rookie of the year. In the appearance of a new player with a similar tendency to long hitter Yoon Ina (20), who was suspended for 3 years due to the controversy over ‘Ogu Play’ last year, some say that ‘Bang Sin-sil has newly joined the Rookie of the Year competition where Kim Min-byeol was solo’. However, if Bang Shin-sil wins the tournament, the situation will change, but as of now, there is little chance that Bang Shin-sil will become the rookie of the year. Because of this, Bang Shin-sil earned 150 Rookie of the Year points by finishing 4th in the KLPGA Championship, but the KLPGA Tour did not list Bang Shin-sil in the rankings. If he owned the full seed, he should be ranked 9th, but because Bang Shin-sil is the conditional seed owner.

There are also voices calling for the introduction of Monday qualifiers in the US and seed reranking matches in Japan. This is why players like Bang Sin-sil should not play on the second division tour. The Monday qualifiers, like Bang Shin-sil, are for players who are not eligible to participate in the tournament to play together and then give the top ranking players the qualifications to participate. However, the general opinion in the golf world is that it is virtually difficult to introduce Monday qualifiers on the Korean stage for reasons such as the fact that it is difficult to empty the golf course all week due to the circumstances of the Korean golf course. The seed re-ranking match is also criticized for putting players into ‘infinite competition’ and complicated administrative procedures, so the KLPGA Tour also expresses disapproval.

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