The side is very competitive, but the striker side has a lot of worries.” There is a name that comes to mind in the appeal of Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the under-24 (U-24) national team. That is Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic).

In the U-24 national team participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games, the position imbalance is severe. The side or 2 wires are oversaturated. There are a lot of resources who have experience with the A national team, such as Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Eom Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), Yang Hyun-jun (Gangwon FC), Ko Young-jun (Pohang Steelers), and Um Won-sang (Gwangju FC), who are currently playing as key players in the토토사이트 K-League. are doing If you include Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) and Jung Woo-yeong (Freiburg), who are Europeans, coach Hwang’s head hurts. Of course, it’s a happy worry.

On the other hand, in the case of a striker standing in the forefront, I am worried because there is no clear card. In the case of Jo Young-wook (Chief Kim Cheon), who was with us for this call, it is difficult to see him as a typical striker. Chun Seong-hun (Incheon United), Park Jae-yong (FC Anyang), and Ahn Jae-joon (Bucheon FC) are still difficult to gauge their competitiveness in international competitions. Hwang, who needs a typical striker, has no choice but to worry.

There are certain cards. That’s Hyungyu Oh. Oh Hyun-gyu was born in 2001 and is an age group that can be selected for the Asian Games. He was a reserve member of the Qatar World Cup last year, and in March, he boarded the Klinsman and is a striker who showed great potential. He has settled down well in Europe and shows good form after entering during the season. If Oh Hyeon-gyu joins Hwang Seon-hong, it is clear that his team’s offensive power will be upgraded as a whole.

The problem is that it is not easy to hire Oh Hyun-kyu. Oh Hyun-kyu is currently playing for Celtic in the Scottish League. In September, when the tournament is held, the season will start and the club will surely show reluctance to be selected.

The justification for borrowing is also weak. This is because Oh Hyun-kyu is a ‘military pilot’ who has already enlisted through the Armed Forces Sports Corps in 2020 and has been discharged in 2021. For the Asian Games, which are not important in Europe, the club needs a justification for the individual player to give up a key player. This does not apply to Oh Hyeon-gyu, who has already completed his military service. It is true that the Taegeuk mark is precious, but coming to the national team at a time when he has to compete for the starting position in earnest is not entirely good for Oh Hyun-gyu.

It is not at all impossible to recruit military players. Players who have completed military service, such as Kwon Hyuk-gyu (Busan I-Park), joined this call. However, Kwon Hyuk-gyu is a K-League, and the situation is different from Oh Hyeon-gyu, a European player. Regarding the selection of players who have completed military service, coach Hwang also said, “It is difficult to calculate with military service. Motivation may drop, of course, but that’s not all. He said that it is important to be able to go together as a team.”

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