Britain’s ‘Football London’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time), “Due to the resignation of Tottenham general manager Fabio Paratici, Chairman Daniel Levy is once again plunged into an important decision.”

On the 21st, Tottenham officially announced through the official channel that “Director Fabio Paratici will resign.”

After taking office at Tottenham, Paratici led the club’s football career. It ended with a sad ending, but he directed the appointment of manager Antonio Conte and the recruitment of Rodrigo Bentancur-Dejan Kulusevski.

However, when Juventus’ book manipulation was discovered in January, Paratici’s general manager also fell into crisis. As Juventus’ general manager at the time, he is known to have ordered the handwriting manipulation of the accounting books.토토사이트

Last January ended with punishment from the Italai Football Association (FIGC), so Paratici, general manager of Tottenham in the English Premier League (PL), was not punished.

However, as FIFA expanded the scope of punishment to the world football world in April last year, Paratic’s general manager was also suspended from his activities. Paratici and Juventus immediately appealed the penalty.

However, in the appeals court held on the 19th, Juventus’ punishment was suspended, but the appeal of general manager Parichiti was dismissed.

In the end, Paratici, unable to exert his influence in the upcoming transfer market, chose to resign. Previously, Tottenham had appointed Scott Mun from City Football Club to replace Paratici general manager.

With Paratici’s resignation, Tottenham need a chief executive to take charge of football affairs. In the end, the responsibility went back to Chairman Levy.

President Levy said, “Director Paratici made the decision. It was a stressful time for the family. I wish him well, knowing he is a man who gives his best for football.”

Football London said, “Chairman Levy is leading the search for Tottenham’s next manager. Here, we need to find the perfect person to repl

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