As MBC soccer commentator Ahn Jung-hwan hinted at returning to the soccer field, speculation about the next destination was rampant. A variety of candidates came to mind, from pros to national teams. However, Commissioner Ahn put the brakes on the speculation, suggesting that he would not take up the position of head coach or coach in a hurry.

While commenting on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Commissioner Ahn, who appeared on the footballist’s YouTube channel ‘Polly TV’, replied, “I don’t have a plan yet. I have to complete it next year.” He intends to reduce his broadcasting activities and return to the soccer world, but he has expressed his intention to return slowly, giving priority to obtaining licenses and studying rather than rushing into the field.

Commissioner Ahn plans to take a P-level leadership certification course starting in March next year. In order to obtain the highest level of qualification, the P level, you must have an A level right below it. Ahn was included in the 25 students selected for next year’s lecture. Starting in March, the training is conducted for about a year, and a total of 4 group trainings are held at home and abroad. 메이저놀이터

Just being a P-level student gives you the qualifications to become a K-League coach. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has decided that only professional first-team coaches can hold a P-level license, but this includes those who are in the P-level course. However, director Ahn indirectly said that he had no intention of jumping into the field right away. In addition, there were rumors that he would join the new national team coaching staff that will be formed after coach Paulo Bento left, and that he was appointed as the next national team coach, but Commissioner Ahn himself put a brake on wild speculation.

Although Commissioner Ahn puts a lot of weight on recent broadcasting activities, he has also shown the side of a leader little by little through appearances on soccer entertainment and personal YouTube activities. In particular, I was able to guess the appearance of coach Ahn Jung-hwan in the way he gives private lessons to promising players seriously through YouTube. On top of that, he watched the world soccer trend through World Cup commentary and took steps to return to the field step by step, such as further strengthening his coaching theory through P-class classes.

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