A dessert shop was caught selling large-volume cookies manufactured in the factory as ‘handmade cookies’ and reselling them online. Ideas, a handicraft e-commerce platform, is reviewing legal action after shutting down the company.

This behavior of the dessert shop became known when a consumer raised suspicion through an online community on the 15th. According to author A, he recently purchased 10 boxes after seeing this company, which was recently entered into Ideas, selling a box of 8 homemade chocolate cookies for 1,500 won. In the product description, ‘due to the nature of handmade cookies, the size may not be constant’ and ‘manufactured after ordering’ were written.

However, Mr. A, who ate the sample, thought that it was not a cookie he made himself. He said that when he asked the company, “Is the handmade product correct?”, the answer was “yes.” While questioning, Mr. A found out that the homemade cookie was similar to the 1.8kg large-capacity cookie from S Confectionery. S Confectionery’s large-capacity cookies are sold online at a price of less than 10,000 won. When Mr. A bought a large-capacity cookie and compared it to a homemade cookie from a dessert store, the shape and size were almost the same, and the taste and texture were the same.

Mr. A requested a refund from the dessert shop, saying메이저놀이터, “The taste or shape does not resemble homemade cookies.” The dessert shop also posted a notice and refuted Mr. A’s claim, saying, “(Our cookies) are so similar to large-capacity cookies that I was surprised.” did. At the same time, the company also released photos of making cookies by itself.

After receiving a tip from the consumer, Ideas, a sales brokerage company, started to understand the situation. Originally, the dessert shop took pictures of the production process and provided them. However, when Ideas said they would visit the site and investigate, it is known that they confessed that the production process in the photo was a lie.

When the lie was exposed, the dessert shop posted an apology, saying, “I deeply apologize for deceiving consumers while knowing that it is wrong to pretend to be handmade with the title of handmade.”

Ideas said, “The moment the purchase is confirmed, the store will be closed, and refunds will be made for product purchases.” “We are also reviewing legal responsibility.” He added, “We will take a strict and tough response with a zero-tolerance principle against acts that deceive customers and writers.”

In the past, there have been cases where a commercial product was sold by deception as if it was made by hand, and was punished by law. In 2018, a couple who ran a cookie shop in Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province were caught deceiving and selling products sold at large marts as if they were organic handmade products. Mr. A, the representative of this company, was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation at the appeals court in 2020 for fraud and violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

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