Director Julian Nagelsmann won’t decide his whereabouts until June.

Tottenham, which is walking on thin ice토토사이트 called Ryan Mason’s acting manager system, is still striving to find a formal manager. As general manager Fabio Paratici is no longer able to perform football-related duties, it is known that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is moving directly.

In a situation where the atmosphere at the club is going to be the worst ever, Tottenham is in a situation where it is necessary to properly bring in a manager who will entrust the future of the club. Among the Tottenham manager candidates announced through the media, Nagelsmann was the one fans wanted the most.

Tottenham also wanted Nagelsmann very much. Nagelsmna was the first choice Tottenham tried to bring in when they sacked manager Jose Mourinho about two years ago. It was the same this time too. However, coach Nagelsmann preferred to negotiate with Chelsea rather than Tottenham.

Contrary to the initial expectation that coach Nagelsmann would head to Chelsea, negotiations between the two sides went awry. Even though he had a direct meeting with the Chelsea leadership, coach Nagelsmann himself gave up going to Chelsea. Nagelsmann, who decided not to go to Chelsea, started looking at Tottenham again.

On the 23rd (Korean time), Germany’s ‘Bild’ said, “There is a great temptation to join Tottenham for the new season as coach Nagelsmann. Nagelsmann is focusing on being able to go to Tottenham. He is Tottenham manager. would be interested in.”

It seemed that negotiations would proceed swiftly if Tottenham proposed, but coach Nagelsmann’s position seems to have changed again. The British ‘Guardian’ explained on the 27th, “Coach Nagelsmann will wait for the season to end before making a decision on where to go next. This position would not be ideal for Tottenham.”

At the end of the season, many clubs say goodbye to their manager, so Nagelsmann seems to be waiting slowly and taking time to think through various options. As analyzed by The Guardian, this does not bode well for Tottenham.

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