On June 9, 2021, a middle-aged man was caught driving on a local highway in broad daylight at a speed of over 180 kilometers per hour and was sent to trial, according to a legal report. The speed limit on this highway was 100 km/h.

When he was brought to trial, he pleaded that he had no choice but to speed at the time. He had been traveling on a business trip and had heard that his father, who was hospitalized in the hospital, was in critical condition, so he was in a hurry to get home.

In fact, Mr. A’s father had been hospitalized for a year and had been through several close calls. On the same day, the hospital contacted the family to get their consent to transfer the patient to a higher hospital if there was still time.

However, the court that heard the case found Mr먹튀검증. A guilty of his actions. It took into account that she was not the only family member around her father. A family member who lived a short distance away also received the same call and rushed to the hospital, and the hospital was able to obtain their consent to continue treating them, even if they weren’t Mr. A’s family.

We also heard that Mr. A was only speeding once. If the situation was so urgent, he should have been caught by another speed camera.

However, given the circumstances of the case, I decided to suspend the fine of 200,000 won. A suspended sentence is a form of court ruling that postpones sentencing if the offense is minor or there are extenuating circumstances.

“Speeding over the 80 kilometer speed limit poses a great threat to traffic safety,” the court said, but “the circumstances of the offense are extenuating.” “Considering the possibility that his father was dying at the time, it is understandable that the defendant wanted to travel as fast as possible,” the court said.

The court reduced the sentence for mitigating circumstances, but did not overturn the conviction. The same goes for Mr. B’s case. Mr. B was arrested in December 2021 after he rear-ended a car on a highway in Chungnam Province and fled the scene.

He was on his way to visit his mother, who was in critical condition and wanted to “see her face,” but he had been taking painkillers for a medical condition and sleeping pills, so he got behind the wheel in a daze. During the police investigation, Mr. B said, “I don’t remember causing the accident,” but the case went to trial.

The court sentenced Mr. B to eight months in prison, suspended for one year. Similarly, the court found Mr. B guilty of all of his offenses.

However, it explained that “there were circumstances that the defendant was in poor health at the time of the crime and was forced to drive in a hurry,” and that “the fact that his elderly mother, who raised him, contacted him in a critical condition and wanted to see his face was a favorable factor in the sentence.”

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