“WBC sequelae? We don’t know about that.”

The main pitchers of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) Japanese national team took over the league. Representatives won 9 wins side by side and run first place in the Central League and Pacific League, and the most wins in both leagues. In the Pacific League, Orix Buffaloes ace Yamamoto Yoshinobu (25), and in the Central League, Yomiuri Giants ace Dogo Shōsei (23) stand at the front. The two played an active part in the WBC held in March and contributed to Japan’s victory.온라인카지노

Yamamoto, the strongest pitcher in Japanese professional baseball, is likely to win multiple crowns this year as well. He posted his 9th win of the season with a good pitching of 6 innings and 1 run against the Softbank Hawks on the 15th. In the match against Softbank on the 25th, he gave up 3 runs in 7 innings and lost, but he still ranks first in most wins.

As of the 27th, Chiba Lotte Marines’ “Monster” Sasaki Loki (22) is ranked first in ERA (1.48), strikeouts (130), and win rate (0.778). Yamamoto is second behind Sasaki in all three categories.

However, Sasaki recently withdrew from the team due to a right flank injury. It is said that it will take two months before his return. If the atmosphere is like now, there is a very high possibility that Yamamoto will win 4 crowns again this year. Yamamoto is

He even received the league MVP and Sawamura Award for two consecutive years.

Yomiuri’s young ace, Dogo, continues his brisk steps this year as well. He conceded 5 runs in 7 innings against the Hanshin Tigers held at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo on the 27th. Thanks to the scoring support of the other line, he won his 9th win of the season. He joined with the 6th pick in the draft and won 40 career wins in 87 games in 5 seasons.

It is said that his 40 wins in the fifth year of high school graduation is the first since Shohei Otani (29, LA Angels) during the Nippon Ham Fighters days. Dogo is the first Yomiuri player since ‘Legend’ Masumi Kuwata (Yomiuri coach).

He scored two runs through the sixth inning before being battered in the seventh. He gave up three runs after being hit in a row by Koji Chikamoto, Takumu Nakano, and Shuta Morishita on Hanshin Nos. 1-3 from 2nd out and 1st base. In an interview after the game, he said, “It was good in the beginning, but the ball combination failed. I am reflecting and I will fix it.”

In the top of the 5th inning when the score was tied 2-2, Yomiuri’s batting line exploded. Kajitani Takayuki hit a 1-run home run after 1 kill. After this home run, the Yomiuri batting line exploded in a chain. In the batting order, 11 players hit 5 hits and picked 2 walks. He succeeded in scoring a large number of points by tying up the opponent’s defensive errors, winning 9-6.

Dogo tied for first place with the win that day. Hiroshima Carp left-hander Hiroki Tokoda (28) is on this day
Against Kurt Scholoz, he gave up one run in 7⅓ innings and scored his ninth win.

Last year, Dogo made his first double-digit win and jumped to an ace when he ranked first in strikeouts (154). In 25 games he played, he went 12-8 with a 2.62 earned run average.

Some former representatives, such as Sasaki, are experiencing sluggishness suspected of having WBC sequelae. Dougo and Yamamoto are lively.

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